Unleash the Power of EAA's

Rev up Performance, Turbocharge Recovery & Fuel Muscle Building by Supplying Your Body with the Necessary Ingredients.

What is Bare Ayr EAA's?

Bare Ayr EAA's represent the epitome of essential amino acids, meticulously formulated in a composition and ratio that's 99% utilized by the body to craft new proteins and collagen. And the beauty of it? On average, within a mere 23 minutes, it's fully absorbed into your bloodstream, regardless of the state of your digestive system.

But why the emphasis on this 99%? Because, quite frankly, no other protein can boast of this. This incredible 99% utilization means that Bare Ayr EAA's pack less than 1 calorie for the protein equivalent of 20-30 grams of common whey.

Let's delve deeper. The majority of powders out there are utilized at rates less than 20% for new protein synthesis. So, the question arises: where does the remaining 80% go? Simply put, it's transformed into sugars or fats. Yes, that's where those sneaky calories lurk – in the 80%.

To reiterate, that’s a staggering 80%. Indeed, it's quite substantial.

Ever wondered why so many engage in the tedious cycle of bulking and cutting, or take on restrictive diets? It's because many are under the misconception of consuming straight protein, when in reality, they're ingesting a plethora of sugars. These sugars, in turn, promote fat storage.

This entire dilemma can be sidestepped if the consumed protein was fully utilized. Without these subpar protein powders, you wouldn’t have to deal with the unwanted fat layers - only pure muscle.

Enter Bare Ayr EAA's. They offer essential amino acids in the precise ratio the human body craves, ensuring new protein and collagen synthesis happens without wastage or excess calories. Moreover, it respects fasting periods without causing disruptions.

In essence, it’s the quintessential protein your body deserves, and the competition doesn't even come close.

Bare Ayr EAA's proudly sport a 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free badge.

And here's a pro tip: Consume it 20-30 minutes prior to exercising. By the time you begin, it’s fully assimilated into your bloodstream, primed to mend micro-tears in muscles in real-time. This not only enhances your stamina but also reduces recovery periods.

Owing to its 99% utilization, Bare Ayr EAA's is the perfect companion during Intermittent Fasting, safeguarding against muscle degradation, and even promoting lean muscle growth.

If you're on the hunt to bolster your strength, optimize leanness, elevate performance, hasten recovery, and if you desire a genuinely clean protein source without unnecessary additives or calories, and wish to steer clear from the pitfalls of poorly digested proteins...

Your answer lies in Bare Ayr EAA's.



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Understanding the Variance in Protein Sources


Every organism, be it plant or animal, requires a unique blend of essential amino acids, and the human body is no exception.

Different protein sources offer varying ratios and quantities of these amino acids, not always aligning with what our bodies truly need.

Consider this: whey, pea, and soy proteins contribute merely 16%-18% essential amino acids in the precise ratio needed for human protein and collagen synthesis. The remaining consists of non-essential amino acids or "extra" essential amino acids that can't be effectively paired.

To put it simply, only 18% of whey gets channeled into protein production. The surplus? Converted into sugar through GLUCONEOGENESIS or disposed of. This redundant sugar, unless immediately utilized, prompts fat storage.

A common misconception is that by consuming an assortment of EAAs, they'll effectively combine with other sources. This is a fallacy, primarily because our bodies can't reserve amino acids for later. While we can store fats and sugars in the form of glycogen, amino acids don't get the same treatment. They linger in our bloodstream for just about 2-3 hours, post which they're turned into sugar if they're not aptly paired with other essential amino acids.

This revelation underscores two pivotal truths:

  • We're absorbing significantly less protein than we assume.
  • Our diets inadvertently harbor a sizable quantum of concealed sugars – not an ally when the goal is leanness and vitality.

Bare Ayr EAA's are the embodiment of Essential Amino Acids in their purest form. Proudly standing as 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, and Dairy-Free.

Void of any fillers, additives, or unnecessary coatings, it furnishes the body with essential amino acids that are 99% utilized to craft new proteins and collagens essential for muscles, skin, hair, bones, neural pathways, hormonal functions, ligaments, and tendons. This 99% utilization translates to negligible calories.

In a comparative perspective, a single serving of Bare Ayr EAA's parallels the protein obtained from 20 grams of whey. However, instead of the accompanying 120 calories, with Bare Ayr EAA's, you're looking at 20 calories. This makes it an ideal fit for those practicing Intermittent Fasting, ensuring muscle conservation without disturbing the fasting cycle.

Truly, Bare Ayr EAA's is the epitome of clean, highly efficient protein sources.

The formulation ensures rapid absorption, entering your bloodstream in an average of just 23 minutes. Thus, if ingested 20-30 minutes pre-workout, it stands ready in your bloodstream to instantaneously mend micro-tears in muscles, boosting energy, endurance, swift recovery, and lean muscle gains.

For sculpted, lean muscles, enhanced skin and hair quality, minus the calories or unwanted fat — nothing surpasses Bare Ayr EAA's. We're so confident, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If it doesn’t live up to its promise, your investment is returned in full.

Understanding Protein Utilization


When we talk about essential and non-essential amino acids, it's not that one set is less crucial than the other. The distinction lies in production. Your body can't independently produce "essential amino acids"; it needs to source them externally. Once your system obtains these essential amino acids, it has the capability to synthesize other "non-essential" amino acids.

However, there's a catch: the ratio.

Let me break that down. It's not merely about possessing one of each kind. Certain amino acids are required in larger quantities, while others are needed in smaller amounts. Consider this analogy: a bicycle consists of 2 tires, 1 frame, 1 handlebar, 1 chain, 2 brakes, and 1 seat. These elements, in the right proportions, form a functional bike. But having an extra tire or handlebar won’t spawn an additional bicycle. This excess becomes redundant.This principle resonates with amino acids. Overabundance of a specific amino acid results in wastage. Likewise, a surplus of non-essential amino acids is predominantly unused. The body is picky; it employs only what it genuinely needs.

Since our bodies aren't designed to reserve amino acids for future assimilation, when faced with excess, it has a binary choice:

  • Transform them into immediate energy (glucose or blood sugar) and subsequently expel them through the kidneys and urine, or
  • Save them as fat.

The pivotal factor guiding this decision is metabolism. How proficiently can the body metabolize and burn the surplus sugar?

This explains why, as the years roll by, we find it increasingly challenging to shed weight and astonishingly easy to pack it on. Our metabolic rate decelerates with age. Hence, when the body is fed proteins with subpar utilization rates, like whey, a larger chunk is transmuted into fat and a diminished amount to burnable sugars.

But, when the body is presented with the full suite of Essential Amino Acids in the perfect ratio, irrespective of age, it harnesses them in their entirety. So, how do different protein contenders fare in terms of utilization rates?

Understanding Protein Utilization Rates


Firstly, not all proteins are consumed and used in the same way by our body. Their utility and efficiency can vary substantially.

Starting Off: BCAAs

BCAAs can’t independently convert to protein within the body unless paired with other essential amino acids. Their usability, as a result, is minimal at about 1%. This accounts for any overflow of EAAs from alternate protein sources in the bloodstream.

Whey, Soy, and Pea Powders:

These typically achieve a 16-18% utilization rate, with the remainder being changed into glucose or fats. Excessive consumption of these proteins or BCAAs can strain the kidneys and could be the culprit behind the ammonia scent some notice in their sweat or urine.

Collagen Powders:

Their utilization rates can fluctuate between 16-30%, depending on the particular types or quantities of amino acids incorporated.

Animal Sources:

Red meats, fish, and poultry have a utilization rate of 32%, while whole eggs score higher at 48%. It's noteworthy that only whole eggs achieve this rate; the whites, when consumed independently to evade fats, drop to a 16% utilization rate.

BareAyr's Edge:

Boasting a unique formulation of pure Essential Amino Acids in the precise ratio, BareAyr flaunts a stellar 99% utilization. As these amino acids are near-fully consumed, waste is negligible, amounting to less than 1 calorie per serving.

Research-Backed Efficacy of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

The benefits of this amino acid blend aren't mere speculation or a fleeting idea. Numerous studies vouch for their efficacy:

  • Essential amino acid supplements, especially when consumed during fasted or ketotic workouts, demonstrate significant muscle preservation, reduced muscle damage indicators, and maintained healthy inflammatory responses. [1]

  • EAAs post-intense resistance training enhances muscle protein synthesis and balance, thereby promoting rapid muscle repair, recovery, and growth. [2]

  • They activate cell growth and aid muscle healing post-injury, providing a muscle-building advantage akin to consuming a large steak but minus the associated calories and digestion woes. [3]

  • As age advances, muscle satellite cell production wanes. However, EAA consumption post-resistance exercise amplifies this production, essential for skeletal-muscle regeneration. [4]

  • A striking instance is of a 51-year-old woman who trekked the Taklimakan desert relying solely on these EAAs for protein. Post her 24-day expedition, tests revealed no muscle loss, underlining her stellar health.

EAAs in Low Carb & Keto Regimens

Venturing into ketosis means your body defaults to burning fat for energy. While beneficial, a stumbling block for many in this state or on low-carb diets is muscle loss.

Two reasons underpin this:

  • A deficit in amino acids due to protein restriction.
  • An inadvertent cutback on protein intake to avoid glucose spikes, jeopardizing the ketotic state.

Here's where EAAs shine:

  • They don't disrupt ketosis, unlike primary protein sources like steak and eggs.
  • Unlike BCAAs, they foster muscle maintenance and growth.
  • With less than 1 calories a serving, they neither convert to sugar nor cause glucose spikes.

Additionally, Bare Ayr's rapid absorption, registering in the bloodstream within 23 minutes, makes it an optimal protein source throughout the day for those on strict ketosis diets, ensuring consistent energy and performance.

Harnessing EAAs in such a regimen can considerably aid in sustaining ketosis while optimizing performance levels.

Introducing BA EAA's: The Optimal Protein Solution


At its core, Essential Amino Acids is the ultimate protein supplement. Whether you're an athlete, a biohacker, or someone just trying to maintain optimal health, Bare Ayr EAA's is your answer. Even more, its benefits extend to individuals with chronic illnesses, those recovering from surgeries, seniors aiming to prevent muscle loss, mothers ensuring their infants get the best nutrition through breast milk, and children facing illnesses or physical conditions.

These essential amino acids are pivotal to our health, acting as the foundational blocks for our body. Without them, healing and recovery become significantly hampered.

Inside the BareAyr EAA's:

This pure, vegan supplement is a concoction of all 9 essential amino acids. Being 'essential' indicates that these cannot be produced by our body but have to be obtained from our diet.

Each amino acid plays a distinct role:

  • TRYPTOPHAN - A facilitator for the release of crucial neurotransmitters and hormones, including serotonin and melatonin, instrumental in sleep and mood regulation.
  • LYSINE - A deficiency might lead to niacin (Vitamin B) shortage and slow down connective tissue repair.
  • METHIONINE - Essential for optimal metabolism and growth, it provides necessary sulfur and other compounds.
  • VALINE - It is pivotal for muscle fiber activation, tissue repair, and maintaining a balanced nitrogen level in the body.
  • LEUCINE - Plays a significant role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, acting as a major fuel for anabolic reactions.
  • ISOLEUCINE - Imperative for blood sugar regulation, muscle development, repair, and energy equilibrium.
  • THREONINE - Vital for immune system functionality and antibody production, it can also convert into glycine and serine.
  • PHENYLALANINE - Triggers the release of neurotransmitters and hormones vital for the optimal function of our nervous systems.

Bare Ayr stands apart due to its purity. Each serving is free from binders, fillers, and other additives, encapsulating just the amino acids. One tablet equates to 1 gram of pure protein, which is far more concentrated than many food sources.

To ensure its appeal to a broad audience, BareAyr boasts of being vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, making it one of the cleanest protein sources available.

For optimal results, a daily intake of 5-10 grams of BareAyr EAA's is recommended. Its quick absorption ensures it enters your system in under 23 minutes. If you’re intensively training or not feeling your best, you can double the dose.

Understanding Protein Utilization


The conversation around protein is intricate. This isn't about condemning dietary protein. In fact, regular dietary intake is crucial. The concern is more about understanding the body's mechanisms when it processes these proteins.

Our body primarily functions in two ways: Catabolic (breaking down) and Anabolic (building up). Using the example of consuming a chicken breast, only 32% of its amino acids are utilized (Anabolic) to rebuild body structures, such as muscles. The remaining 68% undergoes a catabolic process where, due to the absence of the necessary amino acid ratios, it's broken down and discarded as nitrogen waste.

In essence, while consuming proteins is essential, understanding their utilization can provide insights into achieving optimal health and performance.