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Introducing Bare Aminos, a scientific blend of all nine essential aminos acids, giving you the building blocks of protein to improve recovery, energy & performance - without the calories & bloat of whey protein.

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Benefits of daily use

Exercise Support & Recovery

EAA's speed up muscle repair & reduce soreness, accelerating recovery after workouts.

Support Muscle & Lean Mass

EAA's are the fundamental components of proteins, enabling your body to synthesise the necessary proteins to support & maintain muscle and lean body mass.

Reduce Cravings

EAA's can help reduce cravings making it easier to control calorie intake.

Sleep, Mood & Health

As the building blocks of protein, EAA's can assist in regulating mood & sleep.

These customers have seen a big difference in performance & recovery.

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60 day money back guarantee

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Unlock your potential & discover the recovery & performance benefits of our essential amino acid powder.

Scientific formula of all nine essential amino acids

Rapidly digested into the muscle - no gut or absorption issues.

Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis better then Whey Protein 

Supports Protein Turnover - The process of replacing old & damages proteins

Recommended by ISSN for Exercise & recovery

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) has recently provided valuable insights into the role of essential amino acids (EAAs) in enhancing muscle maintenance and sports performance. This organization, renowned for its evidence-based approach to sports nutrition, embarked on a study to demystify the benefits and effectiveness of EAAs in athletic and health-focused contexts.


The findings reveal that EAAs, especially when consumed in free-form, play a significant role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, promoting muscle health, and enhancing athletic performance


60 day money back guarantee

How do EAA's compare to other protein sources?

Not all protein sources are utilised equally in the body. Because EAA's are the building blocks of protein and require little digestion, they are up to 99% utilized. 

How to use:

Mix 1-2 Servings with Cold Water 

Use atleast 300-400 Mls of water. Adjust water volume based on flavour profile - i.e use more water to reduce flavour intensity.  Add ice for freshness.

When to consume:

EAA's can be consumed anytime around exercise to receive benefits - before, during or after. 

Studies show the ideal time to take EAA's is 20 minutes before exercise, allowing the EAA's to saturate the muscle before training.

Mixed Berry Ingredients: Essential Amino Acid Blend (5g), Citric Acid, Natural Sweetner ( Stevia & Erythritol),Red Beetroot Juice powder, Flavourant, Anti-caking agent. 

Naartjie Ingredients: Essential Amino Acid Blend (5g), Citric Acid, Natural Sweetner ( Stevia & Erythritol), Beta-carotene, Flavourant, Anti-caking agent. 

0g of Sugar


Plant Powered


Gluten Free

GMO Free

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