If maintaining strength and recovery is becoming harder, consider your amino acid intake—not just your age or diet.

Don't blame your age. You're not getting enough of the building blocks you need.

Here's 5 reasons why your performance & recovery is suffering.


Low Protein Intake & Poor Timing

Protein isn't just about quantity; the type, quality, and timing of intake can significantly impact muscle repair and growth. While animal proteins provide all essential amino acids and are quickly utilized by the body, plant proteins often require careful combination to achieve a complete amino acid profile. Consuming protein strategically—such as EAA's before or during exercise for rapid absorption & whey protein post-workout —can optimize muscle recovery and growth, particularly after exercise.

Joanne B.

Definitely have noticed that I have more strength and better recovery after exercise (Mainly Moutain Biking) I am sleeping during the night, only waking up once where I was waking up frequently in the past

Poor Gut Health

Nutrient absorption plays a critical role in overall health and athletic performance. Poor gut health can impair the ability to absorb and utilize proteins and other nutrients essential for energy and recovery - especially as we age. Enhancing gut health with a diet rich in fibrous vegetables, probiotics, and adequate hydration can improve nutrient absorption, making every calorie more effective. Additionally, amino acids in an easily digestible form can support those with compromised gut health, ensuring they receive the benefits without the digestive burden​.

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Less than great sleep quality & habits

Sleep is crucial for recovery, yet its quality and quantity are often compromised in active individuals. During sleep, processes vital for muscle repair and recovery, such as the synthesis of growth hormone and muscle protein, are most active. Improving sleep hygiene—such as maintaining a consistent bedtime, creating a dark and cool sleep environment, and avoiding caffeine before bed—can enhance these natural recovery processes. Supplementing with amino acids may also support overnight muscle repair, particularly in shorter sleep cycles and even help with sleep quality.

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Activation of Muscle Protein Synthesis

Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is essential for recovery and growth but can vary based on age, nutritional status, and exercise intensity. Factors like insufficient protein intake or imbalanced nutrient timing can blunt MPS activation. Engaging in resistance training and consuming a balanced array of amino acids immediately post-exercise can significantly enhance MPS, providing the foundation for stronger, faster recovery​

Elize B.

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Amino Acid Deficiency 

Many athletes focus on total protein intake but overlook the balance and sufficiency of essential amino acids (EAAs), which are crucial for various bodily functions including muscle repair, energy production, and neurotransmitter synthesis. A deficiency in one or more EAAs can lead to suboptimal muscle recovery and performance decrements. Ensuring a balanced intake of all EAAs, either through diverse dietary sources or supplementation, is critical for optimal physiological function and athletic performance​.

 A study by the Institute of Sports Nutrition highlights the pivotal role of EAAs in exercise and performance. It emphasizes that EAAs can enhance muscle protein synthesis, improve energy levels, and support muscle recovery far more effectively than traditional protein sources. This scientific backing reinforces the importance of incorporating a high-quality EAA supplement into your diet to achieve the best possible outcomes in fitness and overall health.  

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